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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to submit our qualifications in order to be considered for your Project. I believe we have the unique characteristics, experience, and qualified personnel that make us best able to complete your Project in all respects.

Asset Engineering Limited is a local firm principally located on S. 7th Street in Grand Junction. Our mission  is to provide quality CM/GC services to the Mesa County area first and foremost. Ninety-five percent of our work has been completed within the limits of Mesa County and it is our expectation that we will continue to complete projects with high standards in quality and professionalism allowing us to continue to be a respected local resource for Mesa County and Grand Junction. We are not pursuing work in North Dakota, the Front Range, resort areas, or areas outside of Mesa County that would distract us from our primary mission of being one of the best construction resources in Mesa County. Our Project Team is committed to our community.

Asset Engineering Limited has an extensive history of successfully completing projects using the CM/GC contracting method. We fully understand the process of the CM/GC contract, the principles of the obligation to the GMP, and our overall responsibilities as the CM/GC to our client, the design team, the construction team and the community. We will commit to form a cohesive team along with the Owner, Architects, and Engineers and we will use our experience and history with the CM/GC process to create a positive experience for all involved.

Asset Engineering Limited is constantly vetting the subcontractor and supplier resources available to our area. We have a fiduciary responsibility to utilize local resources whenever practical to help sustain our local economy. At the same time, we must be conscience of potential problems that may be created by subcontractors and suppliers that do not have the experience or financial capacity to complete the work that is required of them. The CM/GC process provides an excellent method to qualify subcontractors and suppliers and to provide information regarding potential issues and solutions in terms of available and responsive subcontractors and suppliers. Our experience in Western Colorado allows us to commit to utilize local resources whenever practical while at the same time making certain we are fielding a quality and capable construction team for the Project.

Asset Engineering Limited understands the need for sustainable building practices and LEED objectives. Evaluating new building materials and resources, renewable sources for materials, impacts of materials and waste on our environment, and evaluation for opportunities to recycle are just a few of the issues we need to understand as a sustainable builder. We have completed multiple projects with sustainable and LEED objectives; we will provide the management expertise needed to maximize the sustainable aspects and requirements of this Project.

We look forward to a successful review of our documents and the opportunity to interview for your contract.

I look forward to the opportunity to interview with your firm for any future Project. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me via our “Contact Us” page.





Merlin Schreiner

Asset Engineering Limited